Calendar 2016-2017

AMIS Festival and Conference Hosts 2016-17

AMIS Honor Jazz Festival and Jazz Skills Workshop
American School of the Hague
Host Organizer: Darrell Townshend
Guest Conductors: Jeff Pellaton and Carolyn Stock-Chapin
30 September – 4 October 2016

AMIS European Middle School Honor Boys’ Choir
Frankfurt International School
Host Organizer: Debra Damron
Guest Conductor: Jo McNally
12-16 October 2016

AMIS Music Educators’ Conference
American School of Warsaw
Host Organizer: Katie Stein
18-19 November 2016

AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Orchestra
Singapore American School
Host Organizer: Sofia Pelletier
Guest Conductor: Stephen Venema
8-12 February 2017

AMIS Middle School Honor Mixed Choir
American School of Dubai
Host Organizer: Emily DeRosier
Guest Conductor: Melanie Brink
18-22 January 2017

AMIS Solo & Ensemble Festivals
American School of The Hague
International School of Brussels
Hosts: Jim Yarnell and Eric Delson
Organizer: Ian Thompson
28 January 2017

AMIS High School Honor Choirs
American Community School of Abu Dhabi
Host Organizers: Martha Miller and Chris Ward
Guest Conductors: David Squire, Anne Barry, and Nicole Lamartine
1-5 March 2017

Asian Middle School Honor Band
International School of Manila
Host Organizers: Marsha Hillman and Brian Howrey
Guest Conductor: Eric Majors
8-12 March 2017

AMIS High School Honor Band and Orchestra
International School of Luxembourg
Host Organizers: Felicity Bryson and Mette Leroy
Guest Conductors: Timothy Robblee and Richard Dickins
15-19 March 2017

AMIS European Middle School Honor Orchestra
International School of Brussels
Host Organizer: Janet Smith
Guest Conductor: Mindi Loewen
29 March – 2 April 2017

AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Boys’ and Girls’ Choirs
Jakarta International School
Host Organizer: Rhonda Schwartz
Guest Conductors: Jack Brown and Anthony Giles
5-9 April 2017

AMIS European Middle School Honor Girls’ Choir
International School of Zug and Luzern
Host Organizer: David Smith
Guest Conductor: Lisa Ross
26-30 April 2017

AMIS European Middle School Honor Band
Bonn International School
Host Organizer: Colby Hilker
Guest Conductor: Brian White
3-7 May 2017


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