Vocal Jazz Auditions

The 2017 AMIS International Honor Jazz Festival

Vocal Jazz Ensemble Auditions

Kate Meininger, Guest Conductor

United World College of South East Asia – Singapore

Eivind Lødemel, Host Organizer

Please be aware that only students who will be in grades 9 – 13 during the 2017-2018 school year will be eligible to audition for the 2017 Jazz Festival. Students must also be a member of their school’s musical groups. In exceptional circumstances teachers may request an exception to this rule for those in good standing within the music department by special request to the Executive Director of AMIS.
Registration for the Jazz Skills Workshop will begin after the Jazz Band audition results are announced.
The audition listening process is both blind and anonymous. Adjudicators are unaware of either the identity or the source of a particular sound file, and are therefore unable to provide feedback on a specific performance.

Honor Jazz Audition Materials and Instructions


Vocal Jazz Audition Eligibility

AMIS welcomes interested, well-prepared singers to audition for the AMIS International Vocal Jazz Ensemble. Only students who will be in grades 9-13 during the school year in which the festival occurs and who are members of their school’s musical groups, or in exceptional circumstances, those whose music teachers request an exception to this rule by making a direct request to the Executive Director of AMIS.

Fine vocalists who enter our schools for the first time in September will unfortunately not be eligible for this festival unless a vacancy occurs due to someone unexpectedly moving between audition time and the festival date, or due to a particular section not attracting sufficiently experienced candidates. It will be important that everyone in the ensembles spends time preparing for the event during the summer holidays. Teachers of Vocal Jazz Ensemble members must remain in contact with AMIS throughout the summer.

Submitting Auditions

Audition uploading is now open and must be complete by 26 April 2017. Late auditions cannot be considered.

It is important that you follow all instructions for electronic submission.

The specific instructions for sending your auditions electronically can be found on the online registration site.

Click here to go to the Online Audition submission system.
Please note that the audition system is not compatible with the Firefox web browser.

Recommended Recording Techniques

  1. Please record in stereo.
  2. When submitting your audition you must put each section of the performer’s audition on its own mp3 file.
  3. The addition of electronic echo/reverb will disqualify the student.
  4. Pay attention to balance. The backing track should not overpower the performer.
  5. Be sure you listen to each entire recording for distortion or editing mistakes.

Before you send the auditions:

  1. Do not upload auditions for students that clearly indicate a lack of preparation or a level of performance that is not appropriate for a highly select jazz ensemble. Screen your auditions.
  2. Listen to your completed recordings.
  3. Listen to your recordings once more to insure that you have recorded complete auditions with each requested part. Also listen carefully for balance and clarity.
  4. Make sure the performer is clearly audible. There must be no announcements.
  5. Make a back-up copy of your recordings.
  6. Be sure to fill out the AMIS online database completely.
  7. Submit your auditions electronically as requested in the directions for electronic submissions.

Guidelines to help you prepare a successful vocal audition

1.Carefully observe all metronome markings.

2.For the Vocalise the backing track must be heard (without overpowering the singer) throughout the exercise. The singer must also be heard easily.

3.There is one ensemble component of the audition. Students are asked to sing the part they are auditioning on (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) accompanied by a backing track that is missing their voice.

A full recording can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpIxWY1Kka4

4.For the Song: Any breath marks articulations and dynamic markings should be observed. Do not use reverb or echo in recording the vocal track. Balance to favor the singer. Listen to the recordings lists at the bottom of the lead sheet.

5. All portions of the audition should be carefully prepared. Tone quality, pitch, rhythmic accuracy and musicality (general musicianship) in all portions of the audition will be rated and numerical ratings given by all judges in all these categories will be averaged to obtain a final rating.

6.Judges do not know the identity of the auditioners and do not know which school the candidates come from until after all auditions are heard and rated, and the groups are chosen.

Uploading Auditions

The online Database is now open for submission of auditions.  Please be aware that only teachers may submit auditions.

Click here to go to the Online Audition submission system.
Please note that the audition system is not compatible with the Firefox web browser.

If you have questions concerning the submission system please contact Tim Germann.

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