Middle School Choir Auditions

AMIS Middle School Honor Choir Auditions

European Middle School Honor Boys’ Choir
4-8 October • Zurich International School

International Middle School Honor Mixed Choir
31 January – 4 February 2018 • American International School Chennai

Asian  Middle School Honor Boys’ and Girls’ Choirs
4-8 April 2018 • International School Bangkok

European Middle School Honor Girls’ Choir
2-6 May 2018 • International School of Dusseldorf

African Middle School Honor Mixed Choir
2-6 May 2018 • American International School of Lusaka

South American Middle School Honor Mixed Choir
23-27 May 2018 • Nido de Aguilas International School Santiago

Teachers are required to audition and select their own students for AMIS Middle School Honor Choir Festivals. No audition sound files are submitted to AMIS for middle school honor choirs. This should be a formal audition procedure designed to demonstrate that the singer can hold their part and learn the repertoire in a timely manner. The audition includes two vocalises and a musical excerpt. 

• It is recommended that the selection process include yourself and at least one other adjudicator.
• Vocalise 1 & 2 are to be sung individually, either live or recorded.
• For the musical excerpt, directors may choose a challenging passage from the current year’s honor choir repertoire, or use the excerpt provided. The purpose of the excerpt is to assess whether a student can hold their part independently against others. Each student is to perform the repertoire excerpt at the same time as the other vocal parts, either within a group audition format (one on a part), or individually with teacher singing/playing other parts.
• Directors should allow students time to learn their part from the excerpt, providing help as needed. 
• In your assessment, please consider tone, pitch accuracy, part independence, musicality, and phrasing. An adjudicator’s listening guide is included.
• Sound files to support all auditions are provided.
• Singers who struggle to match pitch should not be considered for participation in an honor choir festival.

Click here for Audition Materials and Sound Files

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