Calendar 2017-2018

AMIS Festivals and Conferences 2017-18

AMIS Honor Jazz Festival and Jazz Skills Workshop
United World College of South East Asia (Singapore)
27 September – 1 October 2017
Host Organizer: Eivind Lødemel
Big Band Guest Conductor: Mark Fields
Vocal Jazz Ensemble Conductor: Kate Meininger
Jazz Skills Workshop Clinicians: Jon Hodge and Jeff Pellaton

AMIS European MS Honor Boys’ Choir
Zurich International School
4-8 October 2017
Host Organizer: Bill Gilfry
Guest Conductor: Rhonda Schwartz

AMIS Workshop for Students and Teachers of IB Music – Asia
International School of Beijing
3-4 November 2017
Host Organizer: Cindy Bulteel
Guest Clinician: Mark Bradshaw

AMIS Workshop for Students and Teachers of IB Music – Europe
International School of Amsterdam
27-28 October 2017
Host Organizer: Douglas Beam
Guest Clinicians: Katalin Kiss and Sophie Ransby

AMIS Music Educators’ Conference
American School of Dubai
10-11 November 2017
Host Organizer: Kristen Roemer

AMIS Solo & Ensemble Festivals (2)
American School of the Hague
International School of Brussels
27 January 2018
Host Organizers: Jim Yarnell, Eric Delson, and Ian Thompson

AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Orchestra
Hong Kong International School
24-28 January 2018
Host Organizer: Rondecca Kam
Guest Conductor: Cindy Bulteel

AMIS International Middle School Honor Mixed Choir
American International School – Chennai
31 January – 4 February
Host Organizer: Deborah Lee
Guest Conductor: Tony Mudra

AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Band
United Nations International School Hanoi
7-11 February 2018
Host Organizer: Luke DallaGrana
Guest Conductor: John Leonard

AMIS European Middle School Honor Orchestra
American School of Madrid
14-18 February 2018
Host Organizers: Joy Edenfield and Chris Suazo
Guest Conductor: Stephen Bonnette

AMIS High School Honor Choirs
John F. Kennedy School Berlin
28 February – 4 March 2018
Host Organizer: Joseph Curtis
Honor Men’s Choir Guest Conductor: Christopher Aspaas
Honor Women’s Choir Guest Conductor: Sandra Snow
Honor Mixed Choir Guest Conductor: Edith Copley

AMIS High School Honor Band and Symphony Orchestra
Seoul Foreign School
14-18 March 2018
Host Organizer: Darrell Roddick 
Honor Band Guest Conductor: Travis Cross
Honor Symphony Orchestra Guest Conductor: Peter Stark
Honor Chamber String Ensemble Guest Conductor:  Howard Williams

AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Boys’ and Girls’ Choirs
International School Bangkok
4-8 April 2018
Host Organizer: Anthony Giles
Honor Girls’ Choir Guest Conductor: Dinah Helgeson
Honor Boys’ Choir Guest Conductor: Melissa Richardson

AMIS European Middle School Honor Band   DATES REVISED AS OF 15 JUNE 2017
American School of Milan

11-15 April 2018
Host Organizer: Joshua Yaniw
Guest Conductor: Mary Ellen Cavitt

AMIS African Middle School Honor Mixed Choir
American International School of Lusaka
2-6 May 2018
Host Organizer: Melodie Hausman
Guest Conductor: Jeffrey Quinto

AMIS European Middle School Honor Girls’ Choir
International School Düsseldorf
2-6 May 2018
Host Organizer: Chris Sabucco
Guest Conductor: Kathryn Bechdoldt

AMIS South American Middle School Honor Mixed Choir
International School Nido de Aguilas Santiago
23-27 May 2018
Host Organizer: Caroline Maiava
Guest Conductor: Darlene Elkins


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