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AMIS Patrons

AMIS Patrons are individuals and organizations that help to promote the goals and ideals of AMIS through their contributions to the AMIS Annual Fund.  With their help,  AMIS is able to provide young musicians with:

  • the commission of original works by worldwide composers, created especially for AMIS Festival Choirs, Bands, and Orchestras
  • financial aid for students who are eligible to participate in an AMIS festival but lack the means
  • the retention of quality guest conductors for AMIS Festivals
  • performance venues for the larger festivals

AMIS Maestros

AMIS Maestros, often leading members of their international arts communities, contribute to AMIS by significantly underwriting a major portion of an AMIS Festival. This could include commissioning a work for one of the performing groups,  underwrite travel for the guest conductors  or securing  a major performing venue.  If they desired, an AMIS Maestro would receive prominent exposure in the program of the festival supported, on the AMIS web site and in the AMIS Update publication.If you wish to become an AMIS Maestro patron, please contact Keith Montgomery, Executive Consultant of AMIS to discuss possible projects for your sponsorship.


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