European Middle School Honor Orchestra March 29-April 2, 2017

AMIS European Middle School Honor Orchestra Festival

Janet Smith, Host
29 March – 2 April 2017

Mindi Loewen, Guest Conductor



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About This Festival

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 17.45.05

  • 2001: The International Junior Honor Orchestra Festival created
  • 2006: The festival moves under the AMIS umbrella; name changed to The AMIS Middle School Honor Orchestra.
  • 2012: In order to meet the increase in participating schools, the event is split to create two separate European and Asian festivals

Past conductors and host schools include:

  Conductor Host School
2001 Martin Braun American International School Vienna
2002 Rick Stengaards American International School Vienna
2003 Kenneth Slavett John F. Kennedy School Berlin
2004 Kenneth Slavett TASIS International School UK
2005 Kenneth Slavett International School of Brussels
2006 Darrell Townshend International School Vienna
2007 Matthew Spieker International School of Beijing
2008 Stephen Bonnette St. John’s International School
2009 Lorraine Davis Singapore American School
2010 Joanne Irwin American School in London
2011 Malcolm Yuen American International School Vienna
••• 2012: European Middle School Honor Orchestra Created •••
2012 Christina Chen-Byers John F. Kennedy School Berlin
2013 Mindi Loewen Zürich International School
2014 Hanrich Claassen Frankfurt International School
2015 Lorraine Davis American School of the Hague
2016 Darrell Townshend International School of Vienna

The 2017 European Middle School Honor Orchestra will be hosted by Janet Smith at the International School of Brussels, and will be conducted by Mindi Loewen.


AMIS Festivals support the music programs in schools whose primary purpose is to serve expatriate children in various world locales. Applications are not accepted from students whose schools are outside of this international school community.  

Applicants must submit their auditions through a music teacher from their school, and must be active members of the relevant performing ensembles within their school. Any exceptions to the above must have prior approval from the Executive Director in order to audition.

String students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are eligible to attend this festival. See the audition instructions for full details. Alternates as well as full members will be chosen for the festival. Alternates are expected to practice the music to be ready for a position in the orchestra, should a position come available. Alternates do not pay fees until offered a place in the ensemble.

Click here for audition materials and information.

All auditions must be uploaded no later than 18 October 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 17.50.02

Role of Directors

A director who submits students for audition or enrolment does so with the understanding that he or she will be responsible for all local arrangements for participation, including but not limited to musical preparation, travel arrangements, fee payments, and communication with the Executive Director and the parent community.

A student may not participate in any festival unless accompanied by his or her director. If the director is unable to attend the festival, the student’s school will inform the Executive Director of the approved substitute chaperone.

Click HERE for more information about directors, chaperones and visiting parents.


Full payment for the festival is due on 14 December 2016.  A list of Fees can be found here.

Invoices are issued in pounds sterling with the exception of those schools located in the euro zone, who are billed in euros. The euro amount will be determined by the exchange rates quoted by the AMIS bank on the day the invoice is issued.

Alternates do not pay a registration fee until offered a place in the ensemble

Please be advised that registration fees for AMIS events are never refundable.

Questions regarding fees and payment should be addressed to Tim Germann, Chief Operating Officer.

Applications for AMIS Financial Aid must be submitted no later than 17 November 2016. 

Student Housing 

All student participants in the festival will be housed with host families from the International School of Brussels for the 4 nights of the festival, starting Wednesday, 29 March. Any group arriving in Belgium prior to that date must make their own arrangements for accommodation until Wednesday.  If a student does not require housing on concert night, this must be clearly stated when registering students for rooming preferences.

Members of the Festival accept that staying with host families in other parts of the world is an important part of the AMIS philosophy, and a major part of the total festival experience in which they are to participate.  Teachers make roommate recommendations when registering their students. Students are housed in pairs. No student will be housed individually. A school can request that three students be housed together, but this request cannot be guaranteed. If a student does not require housing after the concert on Saturday night, this must be clearly stated on the housing request form. This status cannot be changed.

Adult Housing

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 17.56.56Registered teachers and chaperones will be housed at
Hotel Barsey
Avenue Louise 381-383
1050 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 649 9800
Please do not contact the hotel directly regarding your booking.

Single: €134 per Room per Night
Double: €154 per Room per Night

Registered teachers and chaperones will book directly through the RoomTrust System. A credit card will be necessary to secure your reservation. If you would like to extend your booking to include nights outside of the festival booking window, book your room as usual and send your specific extension request directly to RoomTrust, quoting your booking reference number. Please do not contact the hotel directly regarding your booking.

Enter the RoomTrust Booking System Here
Use Code wKTBZxbB

The RoomTrust booking system is only for teachers and chaperones who are registered for the festival. Parents and friends may not book rooms through this system.


Successful auditioners must accept their place in the orchestra, or their alternate status, no later than 17 November 2016 via the link provided below

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 20.58.52


15 December 2016 is the final date for submitting all information about participants & alternates, housing requests and arrival and departure information via the online database, including

• emergency contact information
• allergies and/or dietary restrictions
• nationalities
• T-shirt sizes
• rooming preferences for host families
• arrival and departure information

Directors should print out this festival acceptance agreement for each of their students and present the documents, signed, to festival registration on 29 March 2017.

Click HERE for more information about directors, chaperones and visiting parents.

European Middle School Honor Orchestra 2017
Mindi Loewen, Conductor

Violin 1  
Yena Cho Cairo American College
Hans Ito Frankfurt International School
Juwon Jung International School of Brussels
Emi Kawahara Graded School São Paulo
Anna Kim American School in London
Kotoha Kudo Graded School São Paulo
Sieun Lee Graded School São Paulo
Chaeyeon Lee Frankfurt International School
Mayuka Noguchi International School of Brussels
Kyoung do Pack Cairo American College
Anne-Sophie Pedussel John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Anna Samel American School in London
Helen Savgu John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Guido Silva Graded School São Paulo
Charlotte Widmaier John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Kanako Yonashiro American International School of Bucharest
Violin 2  
Magdalena Brouwer John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Ella Dame John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Noah Gellner Zurich International School
Vivienne Jeker Zurich International School
Dakota Kellner American School in London
SooYeon Kim American International School of Jedah
Tejas Krishnan Anglo-American School of Moscow
Kedar Krishnan Anglo-American School of Moscow
Zachary Mitchell American International School Vienna
Tyler Schaumann American School of the Hague
Jeongann Song Frankfurt International School
Leilani Stöbbe John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Soojin Sung Zurich International School
Yana Tucker Anglo-American School of Moscow
Jimin Yu Anglo-American School of Moscow
Zoe Caeymaex International School of Brussels
Kevin Choi Graded School São Paulo
Eleni Ginter American International School Vienna
Danielle Hajjar American School in London
Bryn Johnston American School of the Hague
Hedda Johannesson International School of Brussels
Hannah Mitchell American International School Vienna
Sarah Over John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Keala Stobbe John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Hannah Trebel Frankfurt International School
Julia Ceccarelli American International Vienna
JinMin Choi American International Vienna
Yossef Fouad Cairo American College
Ariana Huang Frankfurt International School
Philipp Kruse Berlin Brandenburg International School
Chanhyeog Lee Frankfurt International School
Jeongwoo Lee Frankfurt International School
Jinpil Lee Frankfurt International School
Alexis Lien American School in London
Switzer Lily Zurich International School
Ben Livneh Walworth Barbour American International School
Maya Nathan Zurich International School
Angelina Reddy American School of the Hague
Sina Rosendaal American International School of Bucharest
Hailey Vice American School in London
Colette Wicks American School in London
Kai Inamdar American School of the Hague
Zacharias Leonidakis International School of Brussels
Dylan Moran American School in London
Henry Olinger International School of Brussels


screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-11-46-55Allegro in D for Strings
Antonio Vivaldi 

Divertimento No. 3
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – arr. McBrien

America’s Cup
Alan Lee Silva

JD Meets the Rhythm Section
Randy Sabien

Thinking of Home*
Shalan Alhamwy

Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest
Hans Zimmer, arr. Ricketts

*World Premiere

About the Conductor

LoewenMindi Loewen is currently in her 16th year of teaching Orchestra and has recently returned to teach in the United States where she teaches at Grandview High School in Colorado. Prior to that, she worked at the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, Germany and at the Lucaya International School in the Bahamas, in addition to other Colorado programs

A Colorado native, Mindi received her Masters in Music Education from the University of Colorado, Boulder, is currently pursuing a second Masters in Music with an emphasis in conducting from Colorado State University, and completed her Bachelors in Music Education and Violin Performance from Northern Arizona University.

Mindi guest conducted the AMIS European Middle School Honor Orchestra in Zurich, Switzerland in 2013, hosted the first European Honor Orchestra festival in Berlin, Germany in 2012, and has served as an AMIS string adjudicator for four years. She is thrilled to return to Europe to conduct another concert this spring and looks forward to the collaboration with students, teachers, and the community for this great event in Brussels!

Concert Information

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKoAAAAJDQ2MmRlMTk2LWE1OWQtNGVmNC1iYzY3LTliOGVjZjEyZDE5OQThe Gala Concert will take place at 7:00 pm in the on Saturday, 1 April in the ISB Theatre at

The International School of Brussels
Kattenberg 19, 1170
Brussels Belgium
T: +32 2 661 42 11


The concert will be live-streamed on THIS LINK

Concert tickets can be reserved by emailing Laetitia Vincke, performing arts secretary, at There is no charge.

Please ensure that guests are aware that the use of video is prohibited for all AMIS concerts. Recordings of the concert will be made available to the participating schools.

Concert dress code should be made clear to all your students and their parents.

Girls: white blouse with sleeves, long black skirt or dressy full length black trousers; black shoes.  No bare shoulders.  No bare midriffs.  No mini-length skirts.

Boys:  Plain white, long-sleeved dress shirt,  a black bow tie (which will be supplied at the festival) , black trousers, dark shoes and dark socks, preferably black.  No athletic shoes.

For Friday Assembly concerts it is customary to wear jeans and the festival t-shirt.

Arrival and Departure Information

Host family pick-up time is 5:15pm on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 at the International School of Brussels. Late arrivals on Wednesday and/or extremely early departures on Sunday cause inconvenience to the hosts, and should be strenuously avoided. This may mean opting for a more expensive travel option, which is far preferable to inconveniencing our hospitable host families.

Please try to arrive at ISB either before 2:45pm or after 4pm, as bus traffic makes access to the campus problematic.

The simplest option for ground transfer from the airport to ISB is via taxi. The school uses Taxi Vert and they charge approximately 43 euro. Please read here for instructions in English on booking Taxi Vert when you get off the plane.

It is also possible to take the airport express train 17 minutes/8.50 euro to Gare Centrale- 6 trains run per hour; then a regional train 26 minutes/4 euro to Boitsfort-2 trains run per hour. From the Boitsfort station you can walk to ISB 20 minutes,  or take a taxi for 2-3 minutes/8 euro.

If airline connections are exceptionally difficult, it might be prudent to consider arriving a day early, staying in a hotel and doing some sightseeing with the students in advance of the start of the festival.


Host families are normally relieved of hosting responsibilities as of 10 AM on Sunday morning. ISB will provide transport from the school to Brussels International Airport on April 2.  If your travel plans require a late departure on Sunday, it will be necessary for you to retrieve your students by 10 AM and create a program for the day.

Visa Information

It is the Director’s responsibility to check on the status of their students’ passports and, where necessary, visas. In many countries, it is now necessary, in addition, to have 6 months’ validity in the passport AND residence visa of your home country (if applicable) in order to apply for a visitor visa for another country. You should take care of visas as soon as the festival participants are chosen. If your visa application requires a letter of invitation, you will need make a request directly to Janet Smith, festival host, providing the following information:

  • Full name of the student or teacher
  • Birth date
  • Nationality
  • 47273746-flag-of-belgium-vector-illustrationArrival and departure dates for Belgium
  • The name of the adult who will be traveling with the student
  • Address and fax number of the consulate from which you are obtaining the visa

Once again, this is the director’s responsibility.

Click HERE for answers to frequently asked questions regarding alternates.

Alt 1 Noor Ahmed ISB
Alt 2 Rae Fox ASL
Alt 3 Juliana Menegakis ASL

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