High School Honor Band & Orchestra March 15-19, 2017

AMIS International Honor Band and Orchestra Festival

Felicity Bryson, Host Organizer
15-19 March 2017

Richard Dickins, Orchestra Conductor                     Timothy Robblee, Band Conductor

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About this Festival

The first Honor Band Festival took place in 1975 at The American School in London, thus making the 2017 festival the 42nd anniversary for AMIS’ first and oldest ensemble.

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The first Honor Orchestra Festival was held in 1990, but did not come under the AMIS umbrella until 2006.

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In 2015, The Honor Band and Honor Orchestra came together in one instrumental festival for the first time in the history of AMIS.  The 2017 event will be the third AMIS High School Honor Band and Orchestra Festival.

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Designated members of the HS Honor Band
, selected by the listening committee, will play a symphonic work with the Honor Orchestra at the 2017 AMIS International Honor Band and Orchestra Festival.


AMIS Festivals support the music programs in schools whose primary purpose is to serve expatriate children in various world locales. Applications are not accepted from students whose schools are outside of this international school community.  

Applicants must submit their auditions through a music teacher from their school, and must be active members of the relevant performing ensembles within their school. Any exceptions to the above must have prior approval from the Executive Director in order to audition.

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 Role of Directors

A director who submits students for audition or enrolment does so with the understanding that he or she will be responsible for all local arrangements for participation, including but not limited to musical preparation, travel arrangements, fee payments, and communication with the Executive Director and the parent community.

A student may not participate in any festival unless accompanied by his or her director. If the director is unable to attend the festival, the student’s school will inform the Executive Director of the approved substitute chaperone.

Click HERE for more information about directors, chaperones and visiting parents.


For the 2016-17 season, all AMIS festivals use audition set 3.
Please refer to the eligibility statement.

The deadline for having all auditions uploaded was 18 October, 2016.

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Auditions are now complete.


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 16.07.03



Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.59.32A list of fees for all AMIS events can be found here.

Invoices are issued in pounds sterling with the exception of those schools located in the euro zone, who are billed in euros. The euro amount will be determined by the exchange rates quoted by the AMIS bank on the day the invoice is issued.

Questions regarding fees and payment should be addressed to Tim Germann, Chief Operating Officer.

Please be advised that registration fees for AMIS events are never refundable.

Invoices will be issued on 21 November 2016.  Payment must be received by 14 December 2016.

Applications for AMIS financial aid must be received no later than 17 November 2016.

Fees include registration, sheet music, ground transport between the hotel and the school, lunches on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and dinner on Saturday night. Fees do not cover ground transport between the airport and the hotel.


Festival Hotel
Booking Deadline: 15 December 2016

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Students and teachers will be housed at

Alvisse Parc-Hotel Luxembourg City
120 Route d’Echternach
1453 Luxembourg
+352 43 56 43 0
Please do not contact the hotel directly regarding your booking.


Single (adults only): €91 per room per night
Twin: €111 per room per night
There are no triple rooms

Breakfast is included
All rooms must be booked by 15 December 2016
Deadline for payment is 27 January 2017

All booking and relations with the festival hotel will be handled by RoomTrust.
Do not book rooms for alternates.

AMIS policy precludes any student being housed alone in a single room. In the event of an odd number of students from your school, please enter the single student’s name in a twin room and notify the Executive Director in order to have your student paired up with a single student from another school. There are no triple rooms.

Rates and availability apply to the nights of March 15-16-17-18 2017. 
The hotel is fully booked and has no availability on Tuesday, March 14th. An alternative hotel has been arranged for those schools planning to arrive on Tuesday. Booking for this one-night stay on Tuesday can be arranged via the same link as the regular bookings below.

RoomTrust will prepare pro-forma invoices for each school in early January in order for you to make advance payment directly to the hotel.  Twin rooms that are split between two schools will be invoiced at 50% of the cost of the room. All rooms must be paid in full by 27 January 2016.

The Booking Deadline has Passed.
For any hotel issues, please contact RoomTrust.

The RoomTrust booking system is for festival participants only. Parent and friends who are not registered for the festival may not use the RoomTrust system.

Booking Deadline: 16 December 2016


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 15.42.58Successful auditioners must accept their place in the festival, or their alternate status, no later than 17 November 2016 via the link provided below


15 December 2016 is the final date for submitting all information about participants & alternates, via the online data base, including:

• emergency contact information
• allergies and/or dietary restrictions
• nationalities
• arrival and departure information

15 December is also the deadline for bookings in the festival hotel.

The Festival Agreement form for Honor Orchestra or Honor Band should be printed out for each member. The documents are to be signed by the students and their parents, and presented by the director at festival registration on 15 March 2016.

Click HERE for more information about directors, chaperones and visiting parents.

AMIS International Honor Band 2017
Timothy Robblee, Conductor

Grace Yang * Seoul International School
Jayhyun Chang * Singapore American School
Amanda Cui American International School of Budapest
Gyu Ri Hwang Korea International School
Ga-In Kim International School of Luxembourg
Rie Lee * Korea International School
Janet Lee Seoul Foreign School
Anna Lim International School Bangkok
Benjamin Reade * Nido De Aguilas International School Santiago
Clarence Abrena Taipei American School
Richard Blaquiere Frankfurt International School
Lauren Chang Seoul Foreign School
Alexandria Chang Seoul Foreign School
Sophie Cho Chadwick International School
Margaret Farrell International School of Luxembourg
Benjamin Faulkner * International School of Luxembourg
Naomi Greenberg Frankfurt International School
Kevin Han Seoul International School
Lothar Heimbach Zurich International School
Gabi Janssen American School in London
Jonathan Jantz American International School of Budapest
Natsu Kasjiwara International School of Amsterdam
Grace Kim * Asia Pacific International School
Ji Min Lee Saudi Aramco Expatriate School
Allison Yuxin Ma Shanghai American School – Puxi
Aidan Miao Singapore American School
Natasha Ong American School in Japan
Seungwon Paek International School Bangkok
Sean Park Korea International School
Karina Park Seoul Foreign School
Joshua Rhee Korea International School
Chloe Shin-Gay Singapore American School
Michelle Song International School of Beijing
Hibiki Uchiyama International School of Brussels
Yi Bo Wei Xi’an High Tech International School
Eliot Yun Korea International School
Jeffrey Zheng Shanghai American School – Puxi
Bass Clarinet  
Jee Woo Kim Shanghai American School – Puxi
Alana Lustenberger * Zurich International School
Alto Saxophone  
Jason Chen Concordia International School Shanghai
Antonio Del Rio International School of Luxembourg
Christopher Gyra American School of Dubai
Selene Kung Taipei American School
Hiro Nagayumi American School in London
Rohan Prasad American School in London
Tenor Saxophone  
Alex Claudino Daffara Graded School São Paulo
Olivia Gallup John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Hunter Keith GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi
Baritone Saxophone  
Jehseok Kim Seoul International School
Kevin Lee Korea International School
Seoyeon Choi * Branksome Hall Asia
Satoshi Matsutani Marist Brothers International School
Adhika Retnanto * American School of Doha
Théo Gérin International School of Luxembourg
Jacob Gilfry Zurich International School
Taehee Jeong Seoul International School
William Hsu Taipei American School
Yoon Ki Jin * Korea International School
Friedrich Kayser International School of Brussels
Ryan Koo Korea International School
Ray Ku Taipei American School
Shinyoung Lee * Asia Pacific International School
Wonjai Lee Seoul International School
Christopher Shin Seoul International School
Hui Gon Yoon Frankfurt International School
San Yun * Korea International School
French Horn  
Richmond Brautigan * Shanghai American School – Puxi
Kalia Craig Singapore American School
Katherine Enright * Singapore American School
Minju Jennifer Kim Korea International School
Grace Lee * Korea International School
Arden Reynolds International School of Yangon
Paulina Vaughn American International School Vienna
Anson Wai * International Christian School Hong Kong
Maggie Boyd * Shanghai American School – Pudong
Jerry Cho International School Bangkok
Kevin Hsu Taipei American School
Jason Kim Korea International School
Zoe Ong * Singapore American School
Josefina Pérez Jiménez Graded School São Paulo
Luis Wolfrid Graded School São Paulo
Rep Woroch * American School in London
Syarisa Yasin Saudi Aramco Expatriate School
Charan Chansrichawla United World College of South East Asia
Alejandro Graber Zurich International School
Soo Hyun Kang International School of Yangon
Kaung Khant International School of Yangon
John Nation American School in London
Graham Brantley American School in London
Tanner Hatzmann American School in London
Zangyeon Andrew Park Korea International School
Phillip Vanstone Zurich International School
Rory Vine Singapore American School
Leonardo von Mutius * Graded School São Paulo
Gabriel Augustin * John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Jarita Chen * Concordia International School Shanghai
Yeseo Choi * Branksome Hall Asia
Euan Jenkins * St. George’s International School Luxembourg
Yuka Ma * American School in Japan
Jacob Proctor-Bonbright * American School in London

     * Denotes Symphony Orchestra

AMIS International Honor Orchestra 2017
Richard Dickins, Conductor

Violin 1  
Henry Brown John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Sei Hoon Chang Korea International School
Hyein Han Frankfurt International School
Sabine Hong Korea International School
Ashley Hyun Singapore American School
Austin Jeong Seoul International School
Kris Jeong International School of Kuala Lumpur
Claire Kim Seoul International School
Chris Lee Seoul International School
Claire Lee Korea International School
Yoon Namgoong Singapore American School
Eju Ro Seoul International School
Yurika Sato International School of Düsseldorf
Andrew Suh Seoul Foreign School
Whiteny Takata American School in Japan
Anna Grace Ulses American International School Vienna
Hannah Walton Singapore American School
Anthony Wang Taipei American School
Chloe Wong Shanghai American School – Pudong
Jiwon Stella Yun Korea International School
Violin 2  
William Hsiao International School of Beijing
Sarah Jung Seoul International School
Lauren Kim Korea International School
Sion Kim Seoul Foreign School
Angela Kim Seoul International School
Grace Kim Korea International School
Alice Lee Seoul International School
Margaret Lee American School in Japan
Robert Miller John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Yui Musha International School Bangkok
Alexandra Oh Seoul International School
Adithi Sanjay American School School of Dubai
Kelly Shin Shanghai American School – Puxi
Jared Son Korea International School
Julie Song Seoul International School
Michael Tang International School of Kuala Lumpur
Cynthia Wang Shanghai American School – Pudong
Jocelyn Chan Shanghai American School – Puxi
Evelyne Cote International School of Beijing
Tanvi Dutta-Gupta Singapore American School
Xuan Zini He Shanghai American School – Puxi
Victoria Hung Shanghai American School – Puxi
Jacob Kim Korea International School
Dana Lee Seoul Foreign School
Brenda Lee Singapore American School
Terence Li Shanghai American School – Pudong
Sam Liew Singapore American School
Daniel Lin Taipei American School
Ryan Lin Taipei American School
Sarah Shin Korea International School
Kailey Sun Marcus John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Patricia Sutanto Singapore American School
Jonathan Wang Singapore American School
Phillip Wei Taipei American School
Sonic Yao Shanghai Community International School
Angela Zheng Shanghai American School – Puxi
Iara Al-Schamma  Singapore American School
Alexandre Birdi International School of Brussels
Sia Cho Seoul International School
Jiwon Chung Seoul International School
Christopher Dhong Korea International School
Anna Jurling Taipei American School
David Kim Asia Pacific International School
Matthew Kim Korea International School
Wen-Hsin Kuo Shanghai American School – Pudong
Justin Lee Seoul International School
Megan Lee Korea International School
Mason Min Seoul International School
Anya Parekh Singapore American School
Angela Park Korea International School
Andrew Shin Seoul International School
Seoyeon Shin Shanghai American School – Puxi
Louisa Song International School of Beijing
Josey Troyer American School in London
Thomas Walter Frankfurt International School
Lydia Ying Shanghai American School – Puxi
Lauren Brantley American School in London
Abby Hau Taipei American School
Ji Sun Jeon Korea International School
Ben Kim Seoul International School
Tanya Lai Concordia International School Shanghai
Isabel Lane Zurich International School
Diane Lee Seoul International School
Isaac Ooi Singapore American School
Thomas Seo Korea International School
Jake Shin Chadwick International School, Korea



The Honor Orchestra
Divertimento No. 2 – Wolfgang Mozart
Serenade for Strings, Movements 3 and 4 – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Molly on the Shore – Percy Grainger


The Honor Band
With the Greatest of Ease – James Meredith
Christus Factus Est – Anton Bruckner
Blithe Bells – Percy Grainger
De Profundis – Jonathan Newman
Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral – Richard Wagner, arr. Lucien Calliet


The AMIS Symphony Orchestra
Nautical Tales from the Tyrrhenian – Paul Myer Hopkins


Click Here for the Luxembourg 2017 Festival Schedule

The 2017 AMIS International Honor Band and Orchestra
Gala Concert

jpegThe Gala Concert will take place at 7pm on Saturday, 18 March at
The Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg
33 Rue Charles Martel
2134 Luxembourg
Phone:+352 47 96 55 55

Tickets are free of charge, but must be reserved in advance. Click HERE.  Concert guests can pick up their reserved tickets at the conservatoire ticket collection point, beginning at 6pm on the evening of the performance.

The concert will be live streamed on THIS LINK.

Please ensure that all concert guests are aware that the use of video is forbidden at all AMIS events. A quality recording of the concert will be made available to all participating schools.

 Please see “Concert Attire” for expectations on performance wear.

Band Members

Women: Plain black dress (knee-length or longer) with sleeves, or dressy black trouser outfit with sleeves.  Dress shoes, either flat or with minimal heels.  No mini-length dresses or skirts.  The wearing of black leggings beneath a skirt or dress does not change this hemline expectation.

Men: Dark suit or dark jacket and slacks.  Plain white shirt.  Necktie.  Dress shoes.


Orchestra Members:  

Women: Plain black dress (knee-length or longer) with sleeves, or dressy black trouser outfit with sleeves.  Dress shoes, either flat or with minimal heels. No mini-length dresses or skirts. The wearing of black leggings beneath a skirt or dress does not change this hemline expectation.

Men: Black, long-sleeved shirt with black bow tie. Black slacks and dress shoes.

Note: Members of the band who are also in the Symphony Orchestra will not require a change of clothes.

Visa Information

It is the Director’s responsibility to check on the status of their students’ passports and, where necessary, visas. In many countries, it is now necessary, in addition, to have 6 months’ validity in the passport AND residence visa of your home country (if applicable) in order to apply for a visitor visa for another country. You are advised to begin the visa process as soon as the festival participants are chosen.

Visa requirements can change at any time. Before making travel plans, consult with the nearest Luxembourg embassy or consulate, or check the web site of the foreign ministry of Luxembourg.

Entry under European treaties

Nationals holding passports from the following countries can freely enter Luxembourg:

Visa-free entry to Schengen area

Nationals holding passports from the following countries can enter Luxembourg and remain in the Schengen area for up to 90 days out of any 180-day period:


All other visitors

Holders of other passports should contact the nearest embassy or consulate to obtain a visa. If your visa application requires a letter of invitation from the International School of Luxembourg, contact Karen MacDonald at ISL, providing the following information:

th• Full name of the student or teacher
• Birth date (spell out month)
• Nationality
• Arrival and departure dates for Luxembourg
• The name of the adult who will be traveling with the student
• Address and fax number of the consulate from which you are obtaining the visa.

Click HERE for answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding alternates.


Alternate: Venus Su Taipei American School
Alt 1 Harufumi Nakazawa International School of Yangon
Alt 2 Michael Ying Shanghai American School – Pudong
Bass Clarinet    
Alternate: Ji Soo Huh Korea International School
Alternate: Satoshi Matsutani Marist Brothers International School
Alto Saxophone    
Alternate Huai-Che Kao Shanhai American School – Puxi
Alternate: Oliver Millar Zurich International School
French Horn    
Alt 1 Ernest Wang Singapore American School
Alt 2 Maya Binns American School of the Hague
Alternate Chris Ahn Seoul Foreign School


Violin 1    
Alternate 1 Malena Cheng Shanghai American School – Pudong
Alternate 2 Tomoki Yamanaka American School in Japan
Alternate 3 Sang Hee Park Korea International School
Alternate 4 Andrew Yu International School of Beijing
Alternate 1 Rika Nakane American School in Japan
Alternate 2 Ryan Sun Taipei American School
Alternate 3 Samantha Hoegl-Roy Zurich International School
Alternate: Evelyn Zhang Singapore American School
Alternate 1 Claire Kim Korea International School
Alternate 2 Jack Herberger Singapore American School

Public Transport:

Luxembourg-city is linked to all national cities by an excellent public transport network. The bus/train combination tickets are valid throughout the country.

  • A day ticket costs 4€ and is valid for an unlimited number of trips from obliteration until 8 a.m. the next day. A set of 5 tickets costs 16€.
  • A short-term ticket costs 2€ and is valid for two hours. A 10 ticket set costs 16€.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver.

Drivers speak English, French, German, and of course Luxembourgish; and are usually pretty helpful.

Bus route for those arriving at the Airport:

Bus route for those arriving by train;

Taxi information

The international school of Luxembourg uses this bus company:

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