High School Honor Choirs February 28-March 4, 2018

AMIS High School Honor Choir Festival


Dr. Joseph Curtis, Host
28 Feb – 4 March 2018

Christopher Aspaas, Men’s Choir Conductor

Edith Copley, Mixed Choir Conductor

Sandra Snow, Women’s Choir Conductor

About This Festival

There has been an Honor Choir festival every year since 1976. Host schools have included The American School in London, International School of Brussels, International School of Düsseldorf, American School of The Hague, International School of Geneva, John F. Kennedy School Berlin, American International School of Vienna, American School of Doha, St. John’s International School, American School of Dubai, and International School of Luxembourg. The Women’s Choir first appeared in 2004, and the Men’s Choir was introduced in 2015.

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Guest conductors have included André Thomas, Anton Armstrong, Edith Copley, Eugene Rogers, Mark Sirett, Randy Haldeman, Angela Broeker, David Lawrence, Gerald Wirth, Elena Sharkova, Jing-Ling Tam, Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy, Axel Theimer, Lynne Gackle, Doreen Rao, David Squire, Anne Barry, and Nicole LaMartine.

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The 2018 AMIS Honor Choir Festival will be hosted by Joseph Curtis at the John F. Kennedy School of Berlin.


AMIS Festivals support the music programs in schools whose primary purpose is to serve expatriate children in various world locales. Applications are not accepted from students whose schools are outside of this international school community.  Applicants must submit their auditions through a music teacher from their school, and must be active members of the relevant performing ensembles within their school. Any exceptions to the above must have prior approval from the Executive Director in order to audition.  


Role of Directors

A director who submits students for audition or enrolment does so with the understanding that he or she will be responsible for all local arrangements for participation, including but not limited to musical preparation, travel arrangements, fee payments, and communication with the Executive Director and the parent community. A student may not participate in any festival unless accompanied by his or her director. If the director is unable to attend the festival, the student’s school will inform the Executive Director of the approved substitute chaperone. 

Click HERE for more information about directors, chaperones and visiting parents.


For the 2017-18 season, all AMIS festivals use audition set 4.
Please refer to the rules for eligibility.


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Deadline for Audition Upload: 16 October 2017


A list of fees for all AMIS events can be found here.

Invoices are issued in pounds sterling with the exception of those schools located in the euro zone, who are billed in euros. The euro amount will be determined by the exchange rates quoted by the AMIS bank on the day the invoice is issued.

Questions regarding fees and payment should be addressed to Tim Germann, Chief Operating Officer.

Please be advised that registration fees for AMIS events are never refundable.

Invoices will be issued on 21 November 2017.  Payment must be received by 15 December 2017.

Applications for AMIS financial aid must be received no later than 15 November 2017.

Fees include registration, sheet music, ground transport between the hotel and the school, lunches on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and the pre-concert dinner on Saturday night. Fees do not cover ground transport between the airport and the hotel.

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Festival Hotel
Booking Deadline: 13 December 2017

Students and teachers will be housed at

Scandic Berlin Potsdammer Platz
Gabriele-Tergit-Promenade 19
10963 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 7007790
Please do not contact the hotel directly regarding your booking.


Single (adults only): €137 per room per night
Double or Twin: €159 per room per night
Rates include tax and breakfast
All rooms must be booked by 13 December 2017

All booking and relations with the festival hotel will be handled by RoomTrust. Please do not contact the hotel directly.

AMIS policy precludes any student being housed alone in a single room. In the event of an odd number of students from your school, please enter the single student’s name in a twin room and notify the Executive Director in order to have your student paired up with a single student from another school.
• There are no triple rooms.
• Do not place students in single rooms, which are for adults only.
• Do not book rooms for alternates!

Rates and availability apply to the nights of February 28 and March 1-2-3 2018. If your travel plans involve arrival in Berlin prior to the booking window, please book your rooms as usual and contact RoomTrust directly with your specific extension request, quoting your booking reference number.

RoomTrust will prepare pro-forma invoices for each school in early January in order for you to make advance payment directly to the hotel.  Twin rooms that are split between two schools will be invoiced at 50% of the cost of the room. 

Enter the RoomTrust Booking System Here
Use Booking Code XPS3uT1W

The RoomTrust booking system is for festival participants only. Parent and friends who are not registered for the festival may not use the RoomTrust system. Bookings under names that are not registered for the festival will be cancelled.

Booking Deadline: 13 December 2017

To repeat:
Do not book rooms for alternates.
Do not book students into single rooms, which are only for adults.
Thank you.


Successful auditioners must accept their place in the festival, or their alternate status, no later than 1 November 2017 via the link provided below

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 13.00.16


13 December 2017 is the final date for submitting all information about participants & alternates, via the online database, including

• emergency contact information
• allergies and/or dietary restrictions
• nationalities
• arrival and departure information

13 December is also the deadline for bookings in the festival hotel.


Directors should print out this festival acceptance agreement for each of their students and present the documents, signed, to festival registration on 28 February 2018.

Click HERE for more information about directors, chaperones and visiting parents.


Will be posted here on 25 October 2017


To be announced

Practice Sound Files

Sound files will be made available for every voice part on every title in the repertoires..

Directors are asked to keep in mind that these audio examples are a 
supplement to regular rehearsals with their students, and not a substitution for them.


Access Practice Sound Files Here

Concert Information

The 2018 Honor Choir Gala Concert will be held on Saturday, 3 March at 7pm at

RBB Große Sendesaal
Masurenallee 8-14
14057 Berlin

The concert is free and open to the public; there are no tickets. There are no reservations.


Please ensure that all concert guests are aware that the use of video is forbidden at all AMIS events. A quality recording of the concert will be made accessible to all participants.

The concert will be live-streamed.

Please see “Concert Attire” for specific expectations on performance wear.

Friday Night Activity

During the Friday night Directors’ Dinner, students will attend a concert by the RIAS Kammerchor  at the Berlin Philharmonie Chamber Music Hall.  Tickets will be included in the festival registration fee.


Johann Sebastian Bach – „Komm, Jesu, komm“, Motette BWV 229

Tomas Luis de Victoria – Amicus meus (aus: Tenebrae Responsories)

Hans Werner Henze – Adagio und Tempo eines Trauermarsches (aus: Fantasia für Streicher)

Tomas Luis de Victoria – Iudas mercator pessimus

Hans Werner Henze – Espressivo

Tomas Luis de Victoria – Eram quasi Agnus innocens

Hans Werner Henze – Allegro / Molto meno mosso

Tomas Luis de Victoria – Caligaverunt oculi mei

Hans Werner Henze – Air / Pastorale / Air und Vivace / Epilogo

Tomas Luis de Victoria – Tenebrae factae sunt


James MacMillan – Seven Last Words from the Cross

Visa Information

It is the Director’s responsibility to check on the status of their students’ passports and, where necessary, visas. In many countries, it is now necessary, in addition, to have 6 months’ validity in the passport AND residence visa of your home country (if applicable) in order to apply for a visitor visa for another country.

You should take care of visas as soon as the festival participants are chosen. It is now often a very slow and complicated process AND quite expensive to obtain visas for festival participants.

If your visa application requires a letter of invitation, you will need make a request directly to Dr. Joseph Curtis, festival host, providing the following information:

• Full name of the student or teacher
• Birth date
• Nationality
• Arrival and departure dates for Germany
• The name of the adult who will be traveling with the student
• Address and fax number of the consulate from which you are obtaining the visa.

Again, this is the director’s responsibility.

Men Dark suit, white shirt, necktie, and dark dress shoes with dark socks.


Floor-length black dress. Cosmetics and jewelry should be kept to a minimum.
No high heels. No bare shoulders or midriffs. 

AMIS Financial Aid

Funds for AMIS Financial Aid are provided by contributions and gifts. A limited number of financial aid grants to for students from AMIS member schools are available during each academic year.  Applications may be submitted for all band, choir, and orchestra festivals.  Financial aid is not available for workshops or for Solo & Ensemble Festivals. It is dependent upon the music teacher from each school to ensure that applicants are in true financial need, and that without a grant from AMIS, participation would be impossible.


  1. Alternates are not eligible to apply.
  2. A student cannot apply for financial aid for the same festival in two consecutive years.
  3. A student cannot apply for two festivals in the same school year.
  4. In general, financial assistance will be offered to no more than one student per school for any given festival, although the Financial Aid Committee may, in exceptional circumstances, decide to award assistance to more than one student from the same school.
  5. It is assumed that a student whose family members have the means to attend the festival are not in need of financial aid.
  6. Only those students who attend an AMIS member school are eligible for financial aid.

Application Procedure

  1. The financial aid application forms are available HERE
  2. Prepare hand printed or typed teacher and parent reports in large type. The parent of each student applicant is required to complete the parent financial aid request form and to return it to the music teacher.
  3. The music teacher must scan the 2 documents and email them to financial_aid@amis-online.org.
  4. Both forms must be received before a student’s application can be considered.
  5. The decisions of the committee will be sent by e-mail to teachers making financial aid applications.


The deadline for financial aid applications can be found on the calendar for each individual festival.


  1. The maximum award is 50% of student travel/hotel expenses, not to exceed €500. In most cases the amount granted will be less than the maximum possible amount.
  2. AMIS will credit the applicant’s school in the amount of the award.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding alternates can be found HERE.

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