Solo and Ensemble Festival Netherlands January 28, 2017

The AMIS Solo and Ensemble Festival Netherlands

28 January, 2017

The American School of The Hague 

Jim Yarnell, Host
Ian Thompson, Coordinator



IMG_3858-MThe AMIS Solo & Ensemble Festival provides an opportunity for vocal and instrumental students from grades 5-13 to perform solos and small ensembles for specialist adjudicators who give both oral and written feedback on their performances. Although students also receive a rating as well as a ribbon according to their adjudicated result, the emphasis for the event is educational rather than competitive.

Students participate in three divisions. The Junior Division is comprised of middle school students (grades 5 through 8) and the Senior Division includes high school musicians.  Ensembles can include students from both divisions, in which case directors should register according to the majority of the ensemble.

IMG_3859-MAn additional category, called the Honors Division, will be available from the 2016 festivals onwards. This category is for students who have achieved an exceptionally high performance standard, comparable to the audition level for conservatory entry, or the highest grades offered by the international exam boards. A candidate for the Honors Division must select and prepare one performance piece from the Honors Division Repertoire List.

The recommended length for each performance is three to six minutes, allowing sufficient time for the judge to work with the student or students.  Adjudicators are best able to provide helpful feedback to students who perform literature from the standard repertoire rather than popular songs.

For the Honors Division, with longer pieces to be performed in full, a time slot of twenty minutes will be allocated.

Further information can be found in the AMIS Solo & Ensemble Festival Handbook.

Directors will be able to register their students for the Solo & Ensemble Festival by clicking HERE.

The entry deadline is 1 December, 2016.

From 10 January 2015 onward, no changes can be made to a school’s schedule of entries other than withdrawals. Please note that refunds are not possible for withdrawn entries.

A schedule of fees for all AMIS events can be found HERE AMIS schools are invoiced in pounds sterling, with the exception of those schools located in the euro zone, who are billed in euros. The euro amount will be determined by the exchange rates quoted by the AMIS bank on the day the invoice is issued.

All payments are due by 14 December 2016.

Questions regarding fees and payment should be addressed to Tim Germann, Chief Operating Officer.


The American School of the Hague
Rijksstraatweg 200
2241 BX Wassenaar
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0) 70 512 10 60
Fax +31 (0) 70 511 24 00

Festival organizers
Jim Yarnell, Host
Ian Thompson, AMIS Solo & Ensemble Coordinator


The Association for Music in International Schools



Bartok, B. – Szekely-Roumanian Folk Dances (any 4 mvts.)

Beethoven, L. – Romance No. 1 in G Major, Op. 40

Beethoven, L. – Romance No. 2 in F Major, Op. 50

Brahms, J.- Concerto in D Major (any mvt.)

Brahms, J.-Three Sonatas (any one, any mvt.)

Bruch, M.- Concerto in g minor, Op. 26 (any mvt.)

Dvorak, A.- Romance in f minor, Op. 11

Gluck, C.W. / Kreisler – Melodie

Kreisler, F.- Praeludium and Allegro (Entire)

Lalo, E. – Symphonie Espagnole (play any mvt.)

Monti, V – Czardas

Mozart – Concerto no 2 in D “Adelaide”

Mozart – W. A.-Concerto No. 4 in D Major, K.218 (any mvt.-cadenzas not required) from (Suzuki Violin School, Vol. 10)

Mozart, W. A. /Kreisler-Twelve Sonatas K.55-60 and K.301-6 (any mvt.)

Schubert, Franz-Three Sonatinas, Op. 137, No. 2 (1st OR last mvt.)

Smetana – Aus der Heimat No. 2

Tchaikovsky – Canzonetta from Violin Concerto in D Major


Bach, J. S.- Six Suites for Cello (Unacc.)(two contrasting mvts.) GSI, FCI, MMU

Bloch, E.- Suite Hebraique (any mvt.) GSI

Brahms, J.- Sonata in f minor, Op. 120, No. 1 (any mvt.)

Brahms, J.- Sonata in E Flat Major, Op. 120, No. 2 (any mvt.)

Clark, Rebecca – Sonata for Viola and Piano CHL

Hindemith, P.- Sonata Op. 11, No. 4 (any mvt.) SCH

Hoffmeister – Concerto in D Major (any mvt.) CFP, INT

Milhaud, D.- 4 Visages (two contrasting mvts.) HEU

Schubert, F.- Sonata in a minor (Arpeggione) (play 1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Schumann, R.- Fairy Tales, Op. 113 (any mvt.)

Stamitz – Concerto in D Major, Op. 1 (any mvt.)

Walton, W.- Concerto (any mvt.) OUP


Bach, J.S. – Suite No. 1, Allemande or Prelude (Suzuki Cello Book, Vol. 8)

Bach, J.S. – Suite No. 1, Courante (Suzuki Cello Book, Vol. 7)

Bach, J.S. – Suite No.3, Bourees 1 & 2 (Suzuki Cello Book, Vol. 7)

Boccherini, L. – Concerto in B Flat Major

Boccherini, L. – Six Sonatas

Bruch, M.-Kol Nidrei

Faure, G.- Elegie

Haydn, J.- Concerto in C Major

Kabelevsky – Concerto, Op. 49

Lalo – Concerto in d minor

Saint-Saens, C.- Concerto No. 1 in a minor



Bottesini, G. – Concerto #2 in b minor (any movt.)

Eccles, H. – Sonata in g minor

Faure, g. / Zimmerman, F. – Apres un Reve

Dragonetti, D. – Three Waltzes

Pichl: Concerto

Tartini/Drew, ed. – Adagio Cantible (Lucas Drew Solo Albums for Double and Piano, Vol. 1)

Telemann – Sonata in D Major

Vivaldi, A / Zimmermann, F. – Sonata No. 6 in Bb Major



Bach – Well-Tempered Clavier, Books 1 and 2 (any paired Prelude and Fugue

Bartok – Allegro Barbaro

Beethoven – Sonatas, Op. 2 No. 1 or 2 or 3; Op. 10 No. 1 or 2 or 3; Op. 13;Op. 14 No. 1 or 2; Op. 26; Op. 28; Op. 31 No.2 (any first or last mvt. of these listed)

Brahms – Ballade, Op. 10 No.1 or Op. 118 No.3

Brahms – Intermezzo, Op. 119 No.2

Chopin – Etudes, Op. 10; Op.25 (any etude from either Opus) except not the Posthumous etudes

Chopin – Nocturnes, Op. 9 No. 1 or 2; Op. 27 No. 1; Op. 37 No. 2; Op. 55 No. 1; Op.72 No. 1 (any one of these listed)

Chopin – Polonaises, Op. 26 No. 1 or 2; Op. 40 No. 1 or 2 (any one of these listed)

Chopin – Waltzes, Op. 34 No. 1 or 2; Op. 64 No. 2 or 3; Op. 69 No. 1 or 2; Op. 70 No. 1 or 2; e minor Posthumous (any one of these listed)

Debussy – Pour le Piano (mvt 1 or 3)

Gershwin – Preludes #1 & 2, or #2 & 3

Khachaturian – Toccata in e-flat minor

Liszt – Liebestraum, Op.17 No. 2

Poulenc – Toccata from “Trois Pieces”



Bartok/Fox – Suite for Piccolo and Piano, 3rd mov

Christensen, J. – Piccolo Espanol

Damare, E. Beaumadier – Les Amours D’un Rossignol, Op. 160

Liebermann, L. – Eight Pieces (play No. 1 AND 5)

Telemann, G. -12 Fantasies (Unacc.) (one slow mvt. AND one fast mvt.)

Vivaldi, A. – Concerto in C (1st or 3rd mvt.)


Bach, C.P.E. – Hamburger Sonata in G

Bach, J. – Sonata #2 in E Flat Major (one slow, one fast mvt.)

Bach, J.S. – Sonata in e minor (one slow, one fast movement)

Bizet, G. /Bourne, W. – Carmen Fantaisie

Blavet, M. – Sonata III (La Dherouville)

Briccialdi, G. – Carnival of Venice

Burton, E. – Sonatina (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Casella – Sicilienne et Burlesque

Doppler – Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise’ op.26

Enesco, G. -Cantabile and Presto

Faure, G. – Fantasie, Op. 79

Gaubert, P. – Nocturne et Allegro

Handel, G. – Sonata in e minor No. 1 (one slow, one fast mvt.)

Hindemith, P. -Sonata (any mvt.)

Hue, G. – Fantaisie

Ibert – Jeux

Martin – Ballade

Messiaen – Le Merle Noir

Mouquet, J. – La Flute de Pan No. 3

Mozart, W. – Concerto in D

Mozart, W. – Concerto in G

Poulenc, F. – Sonata (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Prokofiev – Sonata (play any single mvt.)

Telemann, G. – Sonata in C Major (one slow and one fast mvt.)

Vivaldi, A. – Concerto ‘il Gardellino’


Arnold – Sonatina

Bernstein, L. – Sonata (1st OR 2nd mvt.)

Brahms, J. – Sonata #1 in f minor, Op. 120, No. 1 (1st OR 4th mvt.)

Brahms, J. – Sonata #2 in E flat, Op. 120 (1st mvt.)

Debussy – Premier Rhapsody

Finzi – Five Bagatelles (mvt. 5 OR Mvt. 1 AND any other mvt.)

Hindemith, P. – Sonata for Clarinet & Piano (play any two mvts.)

Martinu, B. – Sonatina

Mozart, W – Concerto K.622 (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Osborne, W. – Rhapsody (Unacc.)

Poulenc – Sonata

Rossini – Introduction, Theme and Variations

Saint-Saens, C. – Sonate Pour Clarinet (1st OR 4th Mvt.)

Spohr, L. – Concerto #2 Op. 57 in E flat

Spohr, L. – Fantasy and Variations on Theme by Danzi, Op. 8

Stravinsky, I. – Three pieces (Unacc.)

Weber, C. – Conccerto #1 Op. 73 (1st or 3rd mvt.)


Bozza, E. – Ballade

Davis – Variations on a Theme of R. Schumann

Galliard, J. / Kreiselman, J. – Sonata for Bass Clarinet (ANY one of #1-6 Complete)

Kibbe, M. – Sonata

Marcello, B. /Smith – Sonata, Op.1 No. 6

Mozart, W. – Concerto K191 (Bassoon) (2nd OR 3rd mvt.)

Ostransky – March Comique



Arnold, M. – Sonatina, Op. 41 (play mvts. 1 AND 2 OR mvts. 2 AND 3)

Britten, B. – Six Metamorphoses After Ovid Op. 49 (any 2 mvts.)

Ferling, F.W. – Concertino, Op. 5

Grovez, G. – Sarabande et Allegro

Haydn, F. – Concerto in C Major (1st OR 3rd Mvt.)

Marcello, B. – Concerto in c minor (1st and 2nd, OR 2nd and 3rd mvts.)

Mozart, W. Concerto in C Major 91st OR 3rd mvt.)

Poulenc – Sonata for Oboe and Piano (1st OR 2nd mvt.)

Saint-Saens- Sonata Op. 166 (any mvt.)

Telemann, G. – Concerto in e minor (1st AND 2nd , OR 1st AND 3rd mvt.)

Vivaldi, A. – Concerto in c Minor (one slow AND one fast mvt.)



Braun – 1 piece from 24 Caprices

Telemann – Sonata in f minor

Merci – Sonata in g minor

Vivaldi – Concerto in a minor RV 498

Amon – Sonata Concertante in F major op. 88

David – Concertino for Bassoon and Orchestra

Mozart – Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra

Bizet – Little Duet for Bassoon and Cello

Rachmaninoff – Vocalise (arranged from voice) op. 34 no. 14

Pierné – Prélude de Concert

Hindemith – Sonata for Bassoon and Piano

Jacob – Partita for Solo Bassoon



Bozza – Aria (play all) MBC

Bozza – Improvisation et Caprice (play both parts)

Creston – Sonata, Opus 19 (play 1st. 2nd OR 3rd mvt.)

Eccles/Rascher/or Bowder-Sonata (play mvts.1, 2 AND 4 OR 2, 3 AND 4)

Heiden – Sonata (play 1st, 2nd OR 3rd mvts)

Ibert – Concertino da camera (play 1st mvt. OR ALL of 2nd mvt.)

Maurice – Tableaux de provence(play 1st, 2nd AND 3rd, OR 1st AND 4th, OR 2nd AND 5th mvts.)

Milhaud – Scaramouche(play mvts. 1 and 2, OR 2 and 3)

Noda, Ryo – Improvisation (Unacc.)(play No. 1, 2 OR 3)


Anderson – Sonata (play 1st AND 3rd mvts. OR 3rd AND 4th mvts)

Bach/Harle – Sonata in g minor (play any 2 mvts.)

Bozza – Improvisation et Caprice (Unacc.)(play all)

Cunningham – Trigon (play 1st AND 2nd mvts OR 2nd AND 3rd mvts)

Debussy/Teal – Sarabande (Solos for the Tenor Saxophone Player)

Di Pasquale – Sonata (play 1st AND 2nd mvts OR 2nd AND 3rd mvts)

Handel/Londeix – Sonata in g minor(1st AND 2nd OR 1st AND 4th mvts.)

Hartley – Sonata (play 1st AND 3rd mvts.OR 2nd AND 3rd mvts)

Schmidt – Sonatina (play mvts 1 AND 2 OR mvts 2 AND 3)

Villa-Lobos – Fantasia (play 1st mvt OR 3rd mvt)



Anderson, G. -Sonata (play 1st, 2nd OR 3rd mvt)

Beethoven/Bettoney – Allegro (Sonata Pathetique) – play all

Caravan – Sonata

Handel/Mule – L’Harmonieux Forgeron

Ibert – Aria

Milhaud – Scaramouche (play mvts. 1 and 2,OR 2 and 3)

Porret – First Piece de Concours

Vaughan Williams, Ralph – Six Studies in English Folk Song (play any three)



Arutiunian – Aria et Scherzo

Bach, J.S./trans.Fitzgerald – Bach Suite

Charlier- 36 Etudes Transcendantes

Clarke – Carnival of Venice

Haydn – Concerto in Eb (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Hindemith – Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Hubeau – Sonata (any mvt.)

Hummel, J.- Concerto (play any mvt.)

Neruda – Concerto (Include 2 mvts.)



Abbott, A. – Alla Caccia

Beethoven – Horn Sonata Op. 17 (1st OR 3rd Mvt.)

Busser, Henri – Cantecor, Op. 77

Gliere – Concerto in Bb Major, Op. 91 (Mvt. 1 OR 2 OR 3)

Hindemith – Sonata (1st OR 3rd. Mvt.)

Koetsier, J. – Scherzo Brillante

Mozart, W. – Concerto #2 (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Saint – Saens – Morceau de Concert (Play mvt. 1 OR 2 AND 3)

Strauss, R. Concerto #1, Op. 11 (1st OR 3rd Mvt.)

Vinter, Gilbert – Hunter’s Moon 



Bozza – Ballade

David – Concertino (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Galliard – Sonata No. 1 (Vol 1)

Gaubert – Morceau Symphonique

Hindemith – Sonata for Trombone (1st OR 3rd Mvt.)

Jacob – Concerto for Trombone (1st AND 2nd mvt OR 3rd mvt.)

Larsson – Concertino (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

McKay – Sonata (1st OR 3rd mvt.)

Ostransky – Concertino

Rimsky–Korsakov – Concerto (any 2 mvts.)


Bach, Jan – Concert Variations for Euphonium and Piano

Barat, J.E./G. Smith – Introduction and Dance

Capuzzi, A./Catelinet, P. – Andante and Rondo (Brass Player’s Guide)

Horovitz, – Euphonium Concerto (play mvts. 1 AND 2 OR mvts. 2 AND 3)

Jacob, Gordon – Fantasia

Schumann/Droste – 5 Pieces, Op. 102

Sparke, P. – Pantomine (Brass Players Guide)


Arnold, Malcolm – Fantasy (unaccomp.)

Bach/Bell – Air and Bouree

Galliard/Jacobs – W. Sonata #5

Hindemith – Sonate

Jacob, G. Tuba suite (any three mvts.)

Marcello – Sonata No. 1

Vaughn-Williams – Concerto for Tuba (any mvt.)


Houllif, M. – Ain’t It Rich

Kettle, R. – Sonant XVII (9 solo for Drum Set)

Paul, D. – Hang Ten

Rogers, Dennis – Conceptual Changes

Thonpson, R. – Blakey’s End


Abe, K. – Michi

Creston, P. – Concertino for Marimba

Mayuzumi, T. Concertino for Xylophone

Miki, M. – “Time” for Marimba

Peters, M. – Yellow after the Rain for Marimba

Rosauro, N. – Concert for Marimba (any mvt.)

Rosauro, N. Suite Popular Brasileira

Smadbeck, P. – Rhythm Song

Stout, G. – Two Mexican Dances for Marimba


Beck, J. – Advanced Solos for the Snare Drum (No. 2 or 3 )

Benson, W. – Three Dances for Solo Snare Drum

Gauthreaux, S. – Technica 9

Goldenberg, M. – Rim Shot March

Hurley, M. – Phantom Phrenzy

Johnson, Scott – Sticking (from Progressive collection)

Markovitch, M. – Tornado

Moore, Jeff – Six Solos for the Snare Drum ( any of the six)

Schinstine, W.J. – Soliloquy


Beck, J. – Sonata for Timpani (any Mvt.)

Carter, E. – Eight Pieces for Four Timpani (any one)

Firth, V. – Solo Timpanist # 1,2,3,7,8,10,11,15,17,22,23,25,26 9(any one)

Gay, Kirk – Overture for Timpani

Houliff, M. – Suite for Timpani

Leonard, S – Solo Dialogue

Mancini, D. – Suite for Timpani



Handel – Ah! Mio cor

Mozart – W.A. Alleluja/ EXUTATE JUBILATE (motet)

Caldara – A. Alma del core

Copland – At the River / OLD AMERICA SONGS, Second set

Handel – Bel Piacere

Handel – G.F. Come and Trip it

Handel – G.F. He Shall Feed His Flock / MESSIAH

Scarlatti. A. – Le Violette

Mozart, W.A. – Non so piu / MARRIAGE OF FIGARO

Bach, J.S. – Quia respexit (Magnificat)

Pergolesi/Parisotti, – Se tu m’ami

Rosa, S. /Anon, – Star Vincino

Barber, S. – Sure on this Shining Night

Beach, Amy – Take, O Take Those Lips Away

Sullivan – The Sun, Whose Rays from “Mikado”

Mozart, W.A. – Un moto di gioia (Le nozze di figaro)

Mozart, W.A. – Vedrai carino (Don Giovanni)

Mozart, W. A. – Voi che sapete (Magic Flute)

Schumann, R. – Widmung


Caccini, G. – Amarilli, mia bella

Schubert, F. – An die Musik

Faure, G. – Apres un Reve

Bach, J.S. – Bist du bei mir – German only

Schubert, F. – Du Bist Die Ruh

Gluck, C. – O del mio dolce ardor

Mozart, W. A. – O Isis und Osiris from “The Magic Flute”

Bononcini, B. – Per la Gloria d’ adoravi

Caldara, A. – Sebben Crudele

Sandoval, M. – Serenata Gitana

Quilter, R. – Take, O Take Those Lips Away

Britten, B. – The Salley Gardens from “Folksong Arrangements”


Caldara A. – Alma del core

Schubert, F. – Ave Maria

Bach, J.S. – Bist du bei mir – German or English

Dowland, J. – Come again, sweet love

Purcell, H. – I Attempt form Love’s Sickness to Fly

Faure, G. – Pie Jesu from “Requiem”

Schubert, F. – Standchen (Leise flehen meine Lieder)

Britten, B. – The Salley Gardens from “Folksong Arrangements”

 List of Possible Event Entries

Download this list

Event Number Event Name Division Category
001 Piccolo/Flute Solo Wind Solo
002 Recorder Solo Wind Solo
003 Oboe/English Horn Solo Wind Solo
004 Bassoon Solo Wind Solo
005 Clarinet Solo Wind Solo
006 Soprano Saxophone Solo Wind Solo
007 Alto Saxophone Solo Wind Solo
008 Tenor Saxophone Solo Wind Solo
009 Baritone Saxophone Solo Wind Solo
010 Bass Saxophone Solo Wind Solo
050 Cornet/Trumpet/Flügel Horn Solo Wind Solo
052 French Horn Solo Wind Solo
053 Trombone Solo Wind Solo
054 Baritone/Euphonium/Tenor Horn Solo Wind Solo
055 Tuba/Sousaphone Solo Wind Solo
020 Flute Ensemble Wind Ensemble
021 Clarinet Ensemble Wind Ensemble
022 Saxophone Ensemble Wind Ensemble
023 Combined Woodwind Ensemble Wind Ensemble
060 Trumpet Ensemble Wind Ensemble
061 French Horn Ensemble Wind Ensemble
062 Trombone Ensemble Wind Ensemble
063 Low Brass Ensemble (Tuba/Baritone) Wind Ensemble
064 Combined Brass Ensemble Wind Ensemble
065 Jazz Combo Mixed Ensemble
125 Violin Ensemble String Ensemble
126 Viola Ensemble String Ensemble
127 Cello Ensemble String Ensemble
128 Combined String Ensemble String Ensemble
099 Drum Set Solo Percussion Solo
101 Bells Solo Percussion Solo
103 Multiple Percussion Solo Percussion Solo
100 Xylophone Solo Percussion Solo
102 Snare Drum Solo Percussion Solo
105 Percussion Duet Percussion Ensemble
110 Small Percussion Ensemble (up to 6 players) Percussion Ensemble
113 Large Percussion Ensemble (limit 20 players) Percussion Ensemble
150 Piano Solo Piano Solo
151 Piano Duet (four hands, one instrument) Piano Ensemble
120 Violin Solo String Solo
121 Viola Solo String Solo
122 Cello Solo String Solo
123 String Bass Solo String Solo
124 Acoustic Guitar Solo String Solo
160 Female High Voice (Soprano) Solo Vocal Solo
161 Female Low Voice (Alto) Solo Vocal Solo
162 Male High Voice (Tenor) Solo Vocal Solo
163 Male Low Voice (Bass) Solo Vocal Solo
164 Soprano Boy Solo Vocal Solo
165 Alto Boy Solo Vocal Solo
175 Female Vocal Ensemble (2 to 6 singers) Vocal Ensemble
176 Male Vocal Ensemble (2 to 6 singers) Vocal Ensemble
177 Mixed Vocal Ensemble (2 to 6 singers) Vocal Ensemble
180 Female Vocal Ensemble (7 to 20 singers) Vocal Ensemble
181 Male Vocal Ensemble (7 to 20 singers) Vocal Ensemble
182 Mixed Vocal Ensemble (7 to 20 singers) Vocal Ensemble
184 Madrigal Group (max. 20 singers) Vocal Ensemble

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