Pay an AMIS Invoice

 Pay AMIS issued Sterling Invoices by Credit Card

If you have a Sterling invoice from AMIS and wish to pay by credit card you may do so using this PayPal Portal.

IMPORTANT- If you have a Euro Invoice do not use this payment portal.
Please contact Tim Germann at if you wish to use a credit card to pay a Euro Invoice.

Invoices for Payment in British Pound Sterling  include:

  • Invoices for Individual Membership
  • Invoices for School Membership
  • Invoices for Festival registration fees
  • Invoices for Conference registration fees
  • Invoices for Workshop registration fees

Enter the amount of the invoice and the invoice number and then click submit.  You will be taken to a secure PayPal page that will allow you to complete your payment.

Please note that you or your school DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to make a credit card payment.  If you do not have an account simply click on the 

Invoice Payment
Other Amount:
Invoice Number(S) being paid:

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