Structure of AMIS


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AMIS is a registered charity in the UK which means the Chaities Commission reviews our accounts each year. We must submit other questionnaires about our activities during the year to insure compliance with UK laws and maintain our charitable status. AMIS was initially allowed this status after a very detailed application procedure.

Each applicant to the Charities Commission must be constituted in one of several ways. We chose to be a “Company Limited By Guarantee” which means we are also registered at Companies House, which is another UK governmental body. The Association is governed by a Board of Trustees (which we refer to as the Executive Council) which is elected from the membership. Each member of the Executive Council serves a three-year term, but may stand for re-election.

Keith Montgomery serves the association as the “Company Secretary” which we refer to as the Executive Director and he is responsible for the day to day running of the organization. One of the Executive Director’s principal jobs is to carry out the policies determined by the Executive Council. Fees are also determined by the Board members at their annual planning meeting or at subsequent meetings. These meetings are generally held in conjunction with The International Honor Band and Choir Festival and at other festival sites as needed. The Executive Director does not serve as a member of the Executive Council.

AMIS is a private company limited by guarantee, number 4242595.

AMIS is a registered charity number 1089003. 



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