Workshop for Students and Teachers of I.B. Music – East November 3-4, 2017

Workshop for Students and Teachers of IB Music – East

Mark Bradshaw, Guest Clinician

3-4 November 2017

Cindy Bulteel, Host


About the Workshop

With collaboration and creativity at the core of this two day workshop, current and future IBDP musicians consider contemporary issues of conflict, threat and injustice, and are challenged to compose meaningful responses to initiate positive change.

Guiding Statements:
“It is an artist’s duty is to reflect the times.”
-Nina Simone

“Music invites action on contemporary issues and challenges us to initiate positive change”
– IB Music Guide

Essential Questions
How do musicians use their creativity to make sense of the world and of themselves?

What is a musician’s responsibility?
How should composers respond to issues of conflict, threat and injustice?
How do musicians express their creativity?
How do musicians collaborate successfully?

Collaboration and creativity are at the core of this two day workshop. Led by Head Clinician, Mark Bradshaw, and guided by mentors, students will work collaboratively to develop exciting and creative compositional responses to a contemporary issue.

Contextualising 1: What issues might we expect to respond to?
Students will consider a number of contemporary issues of conflict, threat and injustice then select an issue to respond to. We might expect there to be concern about such things as the environment; global warming; political instability; intolerance; racism, sexism and prejudice; inequality; war and its aftermath; human rights; refugees.

Contextualising 2: What music influences do you want to explore?
Students will be introduced to, reminded of and asked to consider some important responses to issues of conflict, threat and injustice. These works will come from various historical and cultural contexts, and focus on key works in important 20th and 21st century genres and styles.

Fees and Registration

A schedule of fees for all AMIS events can be found HERE.

Invoices are issued in pounds sterling with the exception of those schools located in the euro zone, who are billed in euros. The euro amount will be determined by the exchange rates quoted by the AMIS bank on the day the invoice is issued.

Questions regarding fees and payment should be addressed to Tim Germann, Chief Operating Officer.

Please be advised that registration fees for AMIS events are never refundable.

In addition to the invoiced fees, an amount of ¥120 will be collected in cash for all participants (students as well as teachers) for tickets to a concert by the Beijing Symphony Orchestra on Friday evening at the National Centre for the Performing Arts.  This concert is part of the overall workshop program.

Applications will open as of 12 April 2017, and remain open until 13 October 2017 or until the maximum of 60 places for students have been filled.

Students must participate in the company of their teachers.

The application form requires:
• Full name of participant
• Grade level
• Emergency telephone contact
• Nationality
• Any allergies or dietary restrictions

Registration begins on 12 April 2017
Please note that the registration system is incompatible with the Firefox browser

Guest Clinician

Currently Head of Music at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore, Mark Bradshaw is an experienced IBDP Music teacher, workshop leader and curriculum writer. As an ethnomusicologist, he specialises in the music of southern Africa, in particular the mbira and marimba music of Zimbabwe and the bow music of Swaziland.

With his composition partner, Roo Pigott, Mr. Bradshaw has released two albums of African contemporary electronica and written a number of successful pieces for TV and radio.

Born in Ghana but raised in the UK, Mark has taught in Tanzania, Botswana, Swaziland, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore.


Workshop Hotel

All students and teachers will be housed at
Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport
60 Fuqian First Street
Beijing International Airport Area
Shunyi District 101312
酒店地址:中国北京顺义区天竺镇府前一街 60 号
+86 10 5810 8888

Transport between the hotel and the workshop is included in the registration fee.

Superior RMB700
Deluxe RMB800
Club RMB 1200
Suite RMB1400
Extra Bed RMB300
All rates are per room, per night, including taxes and breakfast.

Schools are each responsible for booking their own accommodation directly with the hotel.


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